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Frequently asked questions

  • Main Information
  • Buying & Selling
  • Managing Ads
  • Registration & Personal Account
  • Searching for ads
  • Paid services
  • Security Measures
  • Rejection reasons
  • Special Promo subscription

Main Information

What is is a free classifieds site. On you can find thousands of products and post your ads at no cost.

Why should I register on

After registration you will be able to use built-in chat to contact sellers and talk to potential buyers, like ads and add them to the list of your favorites, receive important notifications and information on best deals for you.

Is it free to use

Yes, it is absolutely free for private individuals.

Buying & Selling

How do I buy products?

Firstly, choose a right category, to which belongs the item you need, type in some keywords, brand names or ad titles in the search field, and set your location. Then click “Search”, choose the most suitable item and contact the seller.

How do I sell my goods?

At the top of the website click “Submit a Free Ad” button, and follow further instructions - select a right category and location, write a description and add photos of the item. In order to sell your item faster, add more photos, write a detailed description and choose a reasonable price. After that, you will see the ad in your Personal Account. Please note that due to moderation process it may take some time until your ad becomes visible to other users.

How do I contact the seller if I want to buy an item?

On the ad page, there is a block with seller information. Choose the most suitable way of contact and click a relevant button. You can choose to contact the seller either over the phone or via built-in Swapix chat.

How do I pay for items?

It is completely up to you. You can decide on the payment type directly with the seller.

How do people pay me when they buy my items?

You can discuss payment options directly with a buyer.

Managing Ads

Why has my ad been blocked?

Your ad might have been blocked due to a violation of the Ad Submission Rules or your ad contented products or services that are prohibited from publishing. Please, review your ad, and if you think that it has been blocked by mistake, contact us.

How can I edit my ad?

Go to your Personal Account, there you will see a list of all your active ads, choose the one you want to edit and click “Edit”. Please note that due to moderation process it may take some time until the changes apply.

How long will my ad be visible on

Your ad will be published for 30 days. When the publication expires, you can prolong it at any time. Also, you will receive per email a reminder, when there are 5 days left until expiration. You can see a timeline bar that shows how many days left until the ad expires in your Personal Account in My Advertisements sections next to each ad. Also, if you have sold your item or changed your mind, you can move your ad to Complete ads, and it will no longer be visible on the website.

How do I delete my ad?

You can delete your ad at any time and for any reason. In order to do so, go to “My Advertisements” section in your Personal Account and click a trash can icon next to the ad which you want to delete.

Can I share an ad on Facebook or other social networks?

Yes, you can. To share an ad in social networks, go to an ad page, below the ad description you will find Share buttons.


How can I check how many people have viewed my ad?

Go to “My Advertisements” section in your Personal Account, there next to each of your ads on the right side, you can see a number of views of your ad right next to the “eye” icon.


Where can I find publication rules?

Scroll down to the bottom of the website, there you can find links to pages with information regarding terms and rules of use.

Registration & Personal Account

Why has my account been blocked?

Your account may be blocked due to a repeating violation of publications rules and reports from other users. Unfortunately, you are no more allowed to post any ads on

How do I register and create an account on

To create an account click “Sign Up” button, then enter your name, actual email, and password and click “Sign Up”.

Can I post an ad without registration?

No, unfortunately, you need to register in order to publish your ad.

Can I use without registration?

Yes, you can view all ads without registration. But you will not be able to use several functions, for example built-in chat.

How can I change my contact details?

Click “Settings” in your Personal Account, in block “Contact Information” you can change your name and phone number. When you change your name or phone, do not forget to click “Submit”.

How can I change my password?

Go to your Personal Account, click “Settings” and change your password in the block “Your Credentials”. Note: do not forget to repeat your new password and click “Submit”.

Searching for ads

How can I find a specific item on

Simply select your city and item category, put in a product name, brand or model and click “Search”, or just select a category and look for suitable items.

Can I filter ads by price and other parameters?

Yes, you can sort ads by price, creation date and relevance. Also, you can enter specific price range. We are working on this feature, and very soon you will be able to filter ads by many other parameters.

Where can I find the date when an ad was posted?

You can find this information in the ad description.


How do I add an ad to my favorites?

If you want to add an ad to your favorites, click the “heart” icon next to the ad title. Note: the seller will not know that you have added their item to favorites.

Where can I find a list of my favorite ads?

To view your favorite ads, go to your Personal Account and choose “Favorite Ads” from the menu on the right side.


What shall I do if I find a disturbing ad on

Below a description, on an ad page, you can click “Report” button. When reporting an ad, please, justify the reason for a report. Our Moderator will review your complaint, and take appropriate measures.



Paid services

What is “Highlight” service?

Highlight” service

Thousands of new ads are being created on Swapix - get noticed among similar ads with the “Highlight” service! Your ad will be highlighted on every available page.



What is it?

The Highlightservice involves visual highlighting of an ad by underlining its title with a bright color in order to attract attention to it. This service is an eye-catching change of graphics properties of an ad, which allows to visually distinguish your ad among other ads published on Swapix. The ad is highlighted in color for 1 day on every page, e.g home page, category, similar ads, etc.

*This service does not affect the position of the ad in the subcategory or in the search results.


What will happen if the service is applied several times to the same ad?

If you apply the service twice, the “Highlight” will last twice longer.


Are there any restrictions when you apply the service?

The “Highlight” service can be applied not more than 10 times to an active ad taking into consideration the number of days before the expiration of the single ad.  


Will the ad remain highlighted if it was edited?  

Of course, it will, unless changes in the ad violate any of the Swapix rules.

*The service will not be interrupted even if the user pauses the ad for several days.


I have applied the service, where is my ad?

Do not worry, your ad is in moderation, so it can take some time.


What is “Hop Up” service?

Hop Up” service

Let your ad appear in the 1st place in search and category ads listing with the “Hop Up” service.


What is it?

The “Hop Up” service allows you to change the position of your ad in a category as well as in the search results by moving it to the top of the list. When the service is activated, your ad is moved to the top position in a category or search results. The ad will remain at the top of search results until newer ads are published in this category or until the same service is applied to other ads.


How does it work?

If the ad moves lower than the third place in a specific category or in specific search results, the service is executed by moving the ad to the first position.

The service is performed in full when the ad's position is changed in a particular category or in search results.


What will happen if the service is applied several times to the same ad?

If you repeatedly activate the “Hop Up” service for the same ad, the service will be carried out at an interval of 24 hours.


I have applied the service, where is my ad?

Do not worry, your ad is in moderation, so it can take some time.


Security Measures

Swapix is NOT a shop

If a seller tells he's a Swapix representative and asks for a prepayment, pays for delivery or any other extra money, please, don't believe him. Swapix doesn't sell anything and doesn't deliver anything at all! Mind that Swapix is a FREE local classifieds site, which means that you DO NOT pay money for using it.

Say NO to prepayments!

It is important to be cautious of the sellers who insist on post-delivery with a 100% prepayment. Mind that there is no guarantee that either the post office or a seller will refund your money. Find a seller who is ready for a face to face deal to give the item you need without any prepayments.

Pay attention to the price

Beware of too attractive offers If the price seems too low, be attentive, sometimes the price is a trick to attract as many users as possible. Perhaps you're dealing with a fake or a low-quality product, just be careful when you make a purchase.

Don't disclose any personal data

If somebody tries to persuade you to share your personal information (passport, bank card and account numbers, etc.) it is the first sign that you deal with a dishonest buyer or seller

Check the item carefully

Check the photos, all photos must be real and made by the seller. Сheck the description and price.

Rejection reasons

Not original pictures

We found out that pictures you have added to your listing are used in other users’ ad, or they have been downloaded from the Internet. In order to have your ad approved by our moderators, we advise you to do follow our guidelines. 
Take photos of the item itself, go to ad editor, add the photos to your listing, and publish the ad again. 

Low-quality pictures

Quality of the uploaded by you photos is too low. It will be hard for potential buyers to distinguish what's in the picture, or to define the condition of the item and its characteristics and specifications. 
Set the photo quality in your camera to high and try taking photos of the item again. If the quality is low even then, try using another smartphone or camera to take photos. 

Suspiciously low price

The price of the item in your ad is suspiciously low. You might be treated as a scammer or fake items seller by other users on the platform. 
We are fighting against scammers and fraudsters on Swapix, therefore if it is a scam ad, you will be banned. If the stated price is really a price that you are asking for, please, contact our support. 

Mismatching description

The description doesn’t match either ad title or uploaded photos. It can cause misunderstanding, and potential buyers might ignore your listing due to unclearness.
To get your ad approved, edit it and write a relevant item description, then publish it again.

Mismatching pictures

The uploaded photos don’t match either ad description or ad title. It can cause misunderstanding, and potential buyers might ignore your listing while they will not be able to see the pictures of the item for sale. 
In order to avoid your ad being declined by our moderators, take photos of the item itself and publish your ad again.

Incorrect title

The ad title doesn’t match either ad description or uploaded photos, or the title violates our publication rules. Do not put any contact information including email address, website link in the title. 
Review your posting, check for its compliance with our rules, correct mistakes and/or delete any contact information from the title, and publish the ad one more time.

Prohibited item

You have tried to post a prohibited item or service. Check out the list of prohibited goods and services. In case of continuous violation of Swapix publication rules, your account will be blocked. 

Suspicion in scamming

Our moderators have marked your listing as a scam or fraud. This means that your ad contains some information that is often used by scammers or thieves.
If you think that your ad has been declined and marked as a scam by mistake, please contact our support.

Your ad already exists

Your ad was rejected due to being recognized as a duplicate. It is not allowed to post a single item more than once. 
Go to your personal account and check if you already have that item for sale, and if so delete the newly created ad. 

Several items in one ad

Do not mention several items of different kind and type in a single ad. You can do so only if you are selling, for example, several similar pairs of shoes just in different colors. 
In order to have your ads approved, you should divide the one ad into individual ads. Don’t forget one ad - one item. 

Irrelevant phone number

Your phone number is irrelevant. Please, create a new ad with the correct phone number (using this phone input mask +234 XXX XXX XXXX) and it will be changed automatically in your personal account. Using real contact information raises chances to sell your goods faster.

Special Promo subscription

Promoting your ad on Swapix FB and Swapix Instagram

Special promo posts of your ads will be published on Swapix Facebook and Swapix Instagram.

You only need to leave a request in the Contact Us form with Ad ID. We will send the result to your email.

Please make sure that you have an active Promo subscription before contacting us.

Search saving

You don’t have to set parameters for a search request every time. Enter the required word and set filters, then save the search.

Ads specially selected for you

We analyze the statistics of your views for each group of ads, which helps us create a special selection of ads and send them to your email.

Unlimited chatting with sellers

You can limitlessly contact sellers via preferable ways of communication chosen by sellers.

Seller’s reputation check

You can check the reputation of any seller. You only need to leave a request in the Contact Us form with Seller's ID or Ad ID. We will send a reply to your email.

Access to free ads category

Get unlimited access to the “For FREE” category.

Please note that Swapix does not guarantee the availability of free products in this category constantly.

No commercials

NO unwanted and intrusive commercials. You can see only a few commercial blocks that will not interfere with your user experience.

Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play

  • - On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.
  • - Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.
  • - Tap Menu Subscriptions.
  • - Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • - Tap Cancel subscription.
  • - Follow the instructions.

Please note, uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

For more info please read