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Natural honey

₦ 3,000

Natural honey
  • Abuja
  • 18/04/2019
  • № 98819
  • Type:
    Farm products / Honey
  • Do u always like ur honey Raw and pure?
    Then u are on the right track because Raw honey is a natural remedy for a lot of ailments.
    They are organically manufactured by God's natural creation:the nectar from the flowers and the busy bee.

    There are so many powerful benefits that we can get from eating raw and pure honey:

    1 It strengthens your immune system
    2, Useful in weight management
    and nourishes the body.
    3,Face and skin moisturiser
    4, Boosts memory
    5, Natural cough suppressant
    6, Lowers cholesterol level
    7,Good source of Anti oxidant and many more(scientifically proven)

    KENNY P honey is100% wild, raw and pure
    We sell @ wholesale(5litres, 10 litres and 20 litres) and retail(35cl, 50cl and 75cl)
    We also deliver within and outside Abuja.
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