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Wooden window blinds. Free Installation

₦ 11,000

Wooden window blinds. Free Installation
Wooden window blinds. Free Installation
  • Abuja
  • 18/07/2019
  • № 116292
Attributes Description
  • Advantages of window blinds.

    Control the Light Entering the Room

    Window blinds provide you with more control over the amount of light entering the room because you can cover the entire window or just part of the window according to your own needs. For example, the slats on some window blinds are fitted so tightly together that they do not allow any light in at all. This could be ideal for a room where you have a home theater or in your bedroom where you don’t want any light to wake you up in the morning.

    2. Countless Styles, Colors, & Patterns

    Window blinds come in an endless variety of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to create the perfect look in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Choose from mini blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, and even cordless blinds, which are safer for children and pets as well as being very elegant.

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