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Music Teacher

₦ 30,000

Music Teacher
  • Abuja
  • 17/09/2019
  • № 124696
Attributes Description
  • My name is John Mark. I'm a qualified and highly skillful Music Teacher. I have been teaching for 10 years to children as young as 3. I believe the most important thing in learning music is to have fun and be able to share music with others! I will try to always teach the student their favourite/most familiar songs, even if we make a simplified version together.
    I teach virtually all musical instruments for beginners from early years to elderly.

    Piano lessons includes:
    - Note reading
    - Rhythm exercises
    - Musical expression
    - Music theory
    - Possible combination of piano and singing

    Teaching Guitar/Violin
    I teach Guitar and Violin for beginners from early years to elderly.

    These lessons include:
    - Note reading
    - Chords
    - Rhythm exercises
    - Singing and playing
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