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Fat feed for kind of dogs

₦ 5,500

Fat feed for kind of dogs
Fat feed for kind of dogs
  • Abuja
  • 18/06/2019
  • № 111618
Attributes Description
  • Our feed is used mainly by those that have slim, sick, recuperating, malnourished, unhealthy and healthy dogs. So people who have chubby dogs dont require to add more weight to their dog. When we talk of fatness we are talking of healthy fatness not obesity or over fatness. Fingers are not equal everybody do not all have chubby dogs and everyone desires to have chubby dogs because its embarrassing when your dog is looking slim, sickly and unhealthy. A lot of people spend so much money on their dogs and their dogs still look slim and unhealthy yet their healthy and they don't knw what to do to make their dogs look the way they want their dogs to look. So its for such cases that our feed is required and our feed is not something you will use for a long time b4 you acheive the result you require.