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Gentle Magic Skin Care (Kit Pack)

₦ 6,000

Gentle Magic Skin Care (Kit Pack)
Gentle Magic Skin Care (Kit Pack)
Attributes Description
  • The Skincare Soap
    Gentle Magic Soap is a special glycine-wrapped bar infused with Flowers of Sulphur and exfoliating micro-granules to lift away dead skin cells and surface bacteria, leaving you with a healthier, fresher skin.
    For best results: Start off your skincare routine with the soap bar to remove any blockages that may inhibit the efficacy of the other products.
    The Skincare Lotion
    Gentle Magic Lotion is a deep-cleansing astringent containing Ethyl Alcohol, Pro-Vitamin B3, and special herbal extracts to help cleanse away oiliness and harmful germs, leaving you with a healthier, problem-free skin.
    For best results: Apply the lotion every morning and evening with damp cotton wool and allow skin to dry.
    The Skincare Serum
    Gentle Magic Serum is a light-weight, intensive moisturiser enriched with Pro-Vitaminn B3, B5 and C to promote a blemish free, balanced complexion.
    For best results: Massage the serum on to clean skin every evening.
    The Skincare Oil