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multifunction abdominal wheel

₦ 18,000

multifunction abdominal wheel
multifunction abdominal wheel
multifunction abdominal wheel
multifunction abdominal wheel
Attributes Description
  • High quality, high elasticity, high safety factor, effectively protect muscles from damage and safety.
    The foam handle is comfortable to handle and the ergonomic handle is angled to help exercise the arm and core muscles.
    You don't have to go to the gym to exercise at home and stay healthy.
    Hanging training belt can help muscle training
    Suitable for fitness instructors, trainees, sports enthusiasts, travelers, etc.

    Product description
    Product Category: Rally
    Material: latex
    Applicable scene: fitness equipment

    Precautions for hanging fitness system:
    1. It is necessary to grasp the adjustment of resistance within the scope of ability, and it is not eager to challenge the difficulty;
    2. Pay attention to the action posture, the wrong action posture is easy to cause damage to muscles and ligaments;
    3. During the training process, tension must always be maintained to ensure the effectiveness of the action;
    4. Keep both arms active during use;
    5. In use, pay attention to safety.

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