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Battery Equalizer

₦ 45,000

Battery Equalizer
Battery Equalizer
Attributes Description
  • 24v/36v/48volt battery equalizer. Battery Equalizer plays a very important role on inverter battery installation as it helps an inverter to ensure that each battery are equally charge. Without battery equalizer installed on your inverter battery system, the problems likely to arise are; battery swollen, battery rise in temperature, one or two battery sudden failure, battery inability to retain sufficient charge.... without battery equalizer installed, your inverter battery will quickly undergo battery sulphation. Battery sulphation happens when a battery among batteries is not equally charged. Battery equalizer known as battery management systems comes with 5 wires with fuses, the wires represent Negative (Black) 12volt(Red) 24volt (brown) 36volt (orange) 48volt (Yellow). Each battery is perfectly equalized. thank you. contact to get your supply.
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