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1.5KVA Powerful Inverter machine

₦ 60,000

1.5KVA Powerful Inverter machine
1.5KVA Powerful Inverter machine
Attributes Description
  • Need 24/7 Electricity? 1.5KVA PURE SINEWAVE INVERTER
    1,500 VA/ 12volts (or 2 batteries) inverter is a
    transformer based inverter, with LCD display
    for; battery voltage, output voltage,
    charging,load, and fault indicators. When
    looking for an advanced, and medium capacity
    inverter to power your basic equipments
    1.5KVA will do the job.
    200AH battery can be used.
    Batteries can be added to increase battery
    bank. Batteries can be charged by electricity
    from grid or gasoline generator. Solar panel
    can be installed to charge batteries and enjoy
    stable electricity.
    Charging current: 10A, voltage 220v.
    Automatic switch over from public power to
    inverter and then inverter to public power.
    Over voltage , overload and short circuit
    Weight 11.0kg
    Load application:Four 35w fans, 40" led TV,
    energy saving LED lighting points and other
    low watts home appliances.
    SKU (simple): FO063EL1BFW8TNAFAMZ
    Product Line: Golden Logistics
    Model: 1.5KVA PURE SINE
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