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Fresh big Snails for Sales in bulks

₦ 120

Fresh big Snails for Sales in bulks
Fresh big Snails for Sales in bulks
  • Ibadan
  • 04/08/2019
  • № 118542
Attributes Description
  • Giant African Land Snails For Sale!

    @snailcarefarm our snails are grown using basic agricultural bio dynamic principles. They are organic and export grade. And with over 11 yrs of experience, we dare say that we are the ones to turn to for snails.

    We supply consistent and quality snails to everywhere across to globe and in accordance with customer preferences

    We have a capacity to supply over 10,000 kg of Giant African Land Snails.

    Sizes Available:
    1. Growers {100-150g}
    2. Breeders/Medium {300g}
    3.Jumbo {400-500g}

    For Clarifications; order placement and scheduled farm visits

    Our Farmhouse:
    Oluyole Estate behind teachers house No 3 Oyo state ibadan

    SnailCare...We Care!