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Mini Modern Rechargeable Fan

₦ 4,200

Mini Modern Rechargeable Fan
Mini Modern Rechargeable Fan
  • Ikeja
  • 18/11/2019
  • № 131197
Attributes Description
  • This is a modern fashion mini rechargeable fan that is portable and easy to carry around, it unique and fashionable, it can be use any where, no need of feeling heat when you are in a crowded place you just have to on the fan and hold it, no need of using paper to fan yourself after dancing at a party, church, event etc all you just have to do is to on the mini fan once it battery has been charged, no need of much sweat after make-up it can be use to hold the sweat, it can be use at home when there is no light, it wind blows just like normal big fan, it has control step that you can switch on to depend on your choice, it has a touch light on it body which can be use for quick light when the electric light is off, it runs with 3 plastic blades, it blows fast, it uses 18650-3.7v battery