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Sonik Mosquito & Insect Killer - 30 Watts

₦ 12,000

Sonik Mosquito & Insect Killer - 30 Watts
Sonik Mosquito & Insect Killer - 30 Watts
  • Ikeja
  • 19/11/2019
  • № 131342
Attributes Description
  • With this insect killer by Sonik you dont have to worry about insects, the night lamp not only acts brightens the home, but is also a guaranteed way of eliminating insects. When the insect gets to the lamp‎,‎ the voltage will kill them instantly‎.‎ ‎It is better to use this lamp than spraying insecticides in your home‎, because they contain harmful chemicals that are toxic and can cause much damage to your health. This lamp is more economical and safer than other methods of killing mosquito‎.‎ It is also suitable for use in hotels‎,‎ restaurants‎,‎ hospitals and other business places‎.‎ With the help of this lamp‎,‎ safe health is now within reach‎.‎ This will save you money and stress of visiting the clinic every now and then to treat malaria‎.‎
    How it works:
    Flying insects are attracted to ultraviolet light. on their way to the lamp the insects fly against an electrically charged grid which destroys them quickly, painlessly and hygenically. it is 100% efficient.