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Wireless Doorbell For Homes And Offices

₦ 3,000

Wireless Doorbell For Homes And Offices
Wireless Doorbell For Homes And Offices
  • Ikeja
  • 19/11/2019
  • № 131329
Attributes Description
  • Wireless Doorbell is a perfectly simple way to conveniently add a doorbell wherever it may be needed around your home. The base station can be powered by a power adapter or has the ability to use 3 "C" cell batteries (both sold separately) in order to provide power for the base station, and one CR-2450 battery (included) required for the remote controller. Each DC-1000 base station can act as a table top unit or it can be wall mounted; the push button will typically mount to a door frame. Depending on the local Terrain, DC-1000 Wireless Doorbell has the ability to transmit the frequency up to 1,000 Feet to be received by the indoor base station. As many as 16 different tones can be played through the base station when the transmitter is activated. The variety of options will make it a bit more fun when selecting a tone to personalize your unit. Each base station is capable of receiving signals from up to 4 push button transmitters (extra push-buttons sold separately).