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Samsung galaxy s10+ akg (original)

₦ 5,000

Samsung galaxy s10+ akg (original)
Samsung galaxy s10+ akg (original)
  • Ikeja
  • 18/06/2020
  • № 147215
Attributes Description
  • Samsung s10+ akg earphone has the following amazing features:

    * quality: the earphine is mostly made of rubber and plastic of good quality. This makes it soft and portable to the ear. Its user friendly.
    * noise isolation: it filter out the external sounds and wisper gentle musical sounds into the ear.
    * sound leakages: it does not leak sounds as it channel all musical sounds right into your ear.
    * sound quality: all bass sounds and other sounds are gently and well presented into the are to produce a quality sound.
    * extra 4 earpuds: the earphone comes with extra four earpuds, for easy exchange incase of loose.