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Automatic Fuel Siphon Pump

₦ 3,500

Automatic Fuel Siphon Pump
Automatic Fuel Siphon Pump
  • Ikeja
  • 19/11/2019
  • № 131311
Attributes Description
  • STOP Using your mouth to drawl, siphon or transfer fuel from jerrycan to your car/generator tank. Conveniently and safely use this AUTOMATIC SIPHON PUMP. It helps u to conveniently transfer fuel from Jerrycan to a generator or car tank. Can also transfer/pump water, fuel, kerosene, oil and other liquids from one jerrycan to another. Powered by (2) 1.5v Batteries.
    The need to conveniently transfer fuel from jerry – can to generator tank or car tank has necessitated the use of battery operated siphon pump. below are some of the benefits.
    it is automatic and convenient
    it prevents fuel spillage and wastage
    it is easy and safe to use
    it is powered using three big batteries i.e. (3x 1.5v)
    it is ideal for use to transfer diesel, petrol and kerosene, water
    Disadvantages of traditional fuel transfer method
    Traditionally, people transfer fuel from jerry – can to car tank with the use of hose-pipe, they activate the flow