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Emergency Eyewash stations

₦ 280,000

Emergency Eyewash stations
Attributes Description
  • These portable eyewash stations are excellent for use in low traffic areas, or where continuous supply of potable water is unavailable for plumbed units. Some of the features include:
    Fill tanks with potable water and included G1540BA bacteriostatic additive. Replace water and additive every six months to ensure bacteria-free eyewash.
    G1562 includes eyewash and drench hose. Stainless steel pressurized tank is ideal for floor placement near any hazard or can be mounted on movable cart.
    G1540 gravity fed polyethylene unit includes eyewash only. Unit is wall mountable with included steel bracket.
    G1562HTR and G1540HTR heated units are ideal for cold weather environments down to -20°F.
    ANSI-compliant sign included.
    Units are assembled and water tested prior to shipment.

    All Products proudly made in the USA