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Industrial Log out Kits

₦ 160,000

Industrial Log out Kits
Industrial Log out Kits
Industrial Log out Kits
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  • Comprehensive set of tools required for large industrial lockouts – both electrical and valve lockout devices are present within this kit. Suitable for multi-purpose operation would suit technicians that are working remotely on the sites/plants.

    We offer a range of hard-wearing, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover the majority of mechanical and electrical lockout applications. View our range of Electrical & Mechanical Lockout kits.

    This Lockout kit from Master Lock contains a variety of lockout padlocks and accessories that are suitable for both Valve and Electrical Lockout.

    *S1017 safety carry case which includes the following contents:
    *3 x 410RED Zenex keyed alike padlocks
    *1 x 7C5RED circuit breaker compact padlock
    *1 x 420 steel lockout hasp
    *1 x 427 labeled snap-on hasp (red)
    *2 x 491B Grip Tight circuit breaker lockouts – for wide or tall breaker toggles
    *3 x 493B Grip Tight circuit breaker lockouts – for standard size breaker toggles
    *1 x 496B Universal wall swit