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Hytera PD485 / PD485G Hand Portable

₦ 110,000

Hytera PD485 / PD485G Hand Portable
Hytera PD485 / PD485G Hand Portable
Attributes Description
  • KEY FEATURES IP54 Rated Up To 256 Channels 1.3" OLED Display GPS - Upgraded Model Bluetooth - Upgraded Model Full Keypad Introducing the new Hytera PD485 / PD485G digital hand portable radio. This is a robust and reliable two way radio that features a full keypad, OLED display and optional bluetooth and GPS connectivity. This radio is available in both UHF 350-470 Mhz and VHF 136-174Mhz. Hytera PD485 Product Brochure KEY FEATURES Dual Mode - Analogue and Digital IP54 Rating 256 Channels, 16 Zones 64 Contacts In Digital Mode 12.5/25Khz Selectable Channel Spacing 16 Hours Battery Life In Digital Mode - Cycle 5-5-90 Digital Voice Call Function Pre-programmable Text Message Encode (64 Characters) Scan One Touch Call / Text Message MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G Standards TDMA Direct Mode Analogue and Digital Mixed Channel Receiving VOX Emergency Alarm Basic Encryption (License Needed) Pseudo Trunk (License Needed) Roaming In Multi-Site Repeater System (License Needed)