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Motorola Mag One VZ-D131

₦ 16,000

Motorola Mag One VZ-D131
Motorola Mag One VZ-D131
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  • Features

    1) Voice announcement

    When channel conversion occurs, the VZ-D131 can announce the current channel in voice. This feature help users focus on the job, available in both digital and analog mode.

    2) Programmable shortcut

    The body side keys can be defined as different preset functions by the frequency writing software. With this function, the preset text short message or the selective call can be sent with one button, and the efficient and convenient use will bring better experience and value to users.

    3) Clear and loud audio

    In noisy environments, 1 watt of audio output can ensure clear, loud voice communication.

    4) Seamless transition between analog and digital modes

    The outstanding performance of the VZ-D131 portable walkie-talkie allows users to enjoy the advantages of analog and digital communications.

    The automatic switching between analog and digital modes allows