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Spy Video Camera Cooperate Eyeglasses - Plain

₦ 15,000

Spy Video Camera Cooperate Eyeglasses - Plain
Spy Video Camera Cooperate Eyeglasses - Plain
Attributes Description
  • This HD Camera glasses is a great companion for your daily life! It is a perfect combination between HD Camera and Polarized Eyeglasses!

    You can see clearly no matter what kind of situation you are because of the Polarized Eyeglasses!

    What's more, the build-in camera records high quality video without disturbing your activity.

    It is a perfect device for you to record many wonderful things. Never miss any gorgeous moments!

    Made of high quality material, it can be used for a long time. Great for yourself and as a gift for your friends! You won't be disappointed!

    When you see an ordinary pair of glasses recording someone in a spy movie you probably think "This can't possibly be real!"� But the truth is body worn cameras have been out for decades now and their design has been perfected. That's why we were able to take a pair of normal looking eyeglasses and attach a hidden high definition spy camera along with a TF Slot