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free sponsorship abroad

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free sponsorship abroad
free sponsorship abroad
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  • We have On going Sponsorship program for people who are humble,trusted and are ready to work in countries like *U.S.A, CANADA, and GERMANY*.
    This special program is all about those that want to travel and work abroad but experiencing financial difficulties .
    The company is to sponsor them on the fact that they will pay back the money the company spent on their visa, ticket and other expenditures during their traveling process.
    This fee will be deducted from their salary (20%) every month for the period of 1years and after which the person will be free from the salary deduction. The company will be responsible for the person feeding, accommodation and health insurance.
    Legal jobs are to be given to the clients ; such as cleaner job, taxi driver jobs, factory jobs etc.

    *Requirements are:*
    1) Intentional passport
    2) Medical reports
    3) Police report
    4) Oat of good conduct from the court

    For more information interested individuals should call or WhatsApp us on 08169775637