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48volt 50Amps Battery charger

₦ 45,000

48volt 50Amps Battery charger
  • Lagos
  • 22/09/2019
  • № 125215
Attributes Description
  • Here is a 60Amps 24vdc output and 220vac input Automatic battery charger, capable of charging and reviving partially dead batteries. It is an automatic charger that doesn't over charge batteries. It keeps your inverter save from charging stress by backing up the charging current your inverter delivers to your battery bank. One major role of this charger in inverter installation is the braking down of acid salt known as sulphates and it usually build up in batteries during load test or when the inverter is powering some appliances. The acid build up usually rest on the battery interior conducting plates sometimes u can see the acid salts on the battery terminal, mostly the positive terminal on the battery. The acid build up on the battery interior plate is known as sulphates and when these conditions affect your battery, no matter how long you charge your battery, your battery will not retain charge, your battery will always discharge faster. The above charge I'm selling helps to brake
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