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48volt 50Amps Battery charger/Delsulpgator

₦ 45,000

48volt 50Amps Battery charger/Delsulpgator
48volt 50Amps Battery charger/Delsulpgator
  • Lagos
  • 31/08/2019
  • № 122427
Attributes Description
  • Dis is an Automatic battery charger that can revive partially dead battery. This charger doesn't over charge battery rather it maintain your battery at 100% charge level and automatically regulate itself during battery full. U don't have to unplug it from your battery, just plug it permanent by choice. With dis charger installed on your inverter battery, it will help reduce the charging stress on your inverter and helps reduce inverter charging temperature. The charger has a pulsating current wave form which helps to brake down sulphate build up in battery during use. It means that the charger can also serve as battery desulphator.
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