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Qasa blender and grinder

₦ 10,500

Qasa blender and grinder
  • Lagos
  • 13/07/2019
  • № 115481
Attributes Description
  • Qasa big blender is one of the biggest cup volume blender in the market, its motor is made of 100% pure copper wire that will withstand any high current thereby not burning easily, it has a Stainless steel blade that will not rust unlike other blenders
    The blender comes with a very strong grinder to help you grind your dry condiments like egusi ogbono and so many more ingredients.

    Key features

    Power input: 350 wattsSpeed: 10000-13000 rpmCup volume: 2.0 LitersMotor: 100% pure copper usedNon- slip Base



    Product Line:heavenly

    Weight (kg):1.3

    Product warranty:1year warraty