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Tasly ICP

₦ 7,200

Tasly ICP
Tasly ICP
Tasly ICP
Tasly ICP
Tasly ICP
  • Lagos
  • 23/01/2019
  • № 69015
  • Type:
    Wellness Products
  • Condition:
  • Blood refreshment, which clears garbage in blood, reduces blood viscosity and improves micro-circulation.

    Relieve blockage of blood vessels, maintain vascular vitality, and effectively prevent Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)-induced angina and diabetic complications. Protect cardiac and cerebral vessels on a multi-target basis, safeguard heart muscles, and enhance heart function.

    • High bio-availability
    • Quick response
    • Convenience for use
    • No side effects
    • Better stability

    Cash on delivery within Lagos.

    Payment first before delivery if outside Lagos.

    Can message, Whatsapp or call.


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