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512wh/40Ah Lithium PowerBank

₦ 130,000

512wh/40Ah Lithium PowerBank
512wh/40Ah Lithium PowerBank
  • Ojo
  • 01/08/2021
  • № 159595
Attributes Description
  • This package include
    JTL 512wh Capacity Lithium battery powerbank
    500watts inverter
    4x 12v 5watts DC bulbs
    1 x AC charger
    100watts solar panel (mono)
    24″ DC Television
    16″ Rechargeable Fan
    1 x extra DC cable for decoder.
    1 full year warranty on the battery pack
    5years lifespan.
    Can last 12hours after full charge
    And 24hrs hours on full sunny day.