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Nikon D700 Camera

₦ 350,000

Nikon D700 Camera
Nikon D700 Camera
Nikon D700 Camera
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    Digital Cameras
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  • The D7200 is equipped with features intended for semi-professional use (two SD card slots, the availability of a battery grip, and metering support for old manual focus Nikon AI type (Non- CPU ) lenses [1] ), which have been removed from the D7500. Being the successor of the Nikon D7100 it has (among other things) the following enhancements: [2][3]
    An improved buffer size that at its highest
    frame rate (6 frames per second) can store eighteen raw images (entire APS-C frame recorded, 14-bit lossless compressed), whereas the D7100 can store six images.
    The optical CMOS sensor has been exchanged to a different model, which (unlike the D7100's) is not prone to generating faint striped patterns (banding noise ) in night photography with strongly amplified dark tones (a scenario typical for Astrophotography )