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MSA Altair 4X/4XR

₦ 250,000

MSA Altair 4X/4XR
MSA Altair 4X/4XR
MSA Altair 4X/4XR
MSA Altair 4X/4XR
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  • The MSA Altair 4XR multi gas detector is capable of detecting levels of combustible gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide with XCell sensors. This particular version has the charcoal housing. It’s a reliable, rugged and real-time instrument.
    The Altair 4XR has the ability to connect to an app (currently in the Google Play Store) and quickly update settings. This app will also allow real-time event notifications to be sent via text message. Other features include compliance reminders, the creation of notification groups and the ability to email calibration details.This multi gas detector is suitable for use in industries include fire service, contracting, industrial, mining, oil and gas and utilities. The compliance feature allows you to see at a glance whether or not your MSA multi gas detector has been bump tested.In comparison to the MSA Altair 4X multi gas detector, the 4XR is still compatible with the MSA Galaxy GX2 stand. The 4XR has a Bluetooth activation screen