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oil perfume

₦ 500

oil perfume
Attributes Description
  • Do you know that your smell creates an impression that lasts as long as your look in the mind of others?🤔

    Trust me, that's very true😏.

    Okay, just Imagine you meet your long time crush. You put on a charming smile😊, flash white teeth😁, while the person reciprocates. That's 'Mad o' right?😂. Well, let me continue. You walk up to the person, and all of a sudden, the person starts sneezing and crying at the same time😣. Hmmm. Then you wonder what could probably be the reason😏.

    Hanty, you have body odour. Yes! In fact, you smell. we are grateful for the person didn't faint sef🤣. Just imagine that. Because of body odour. Heii God😢

    Well, that's on a lighter note😁. But worry not, because I've got the perfect solution for you😉.

    Priska's kollection sells a variety of oil perfumes that last long, even after washing. And trust me, these perfumes are very affordable.

    Come on now, who no like beta thing? Ehn?
    Don't you want heads to turn when you walk on the street?
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