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6kva fuelless generator

₦ 140,000

6kva fuelless generator
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    This fuelless power generator is a new technology that is completely safe and reliable.

    Its operation is completely different from the normal generator which uses fuel and makes noise.
    This generator is noiseless because it doesn't have an engine, instead it has a motor that is powered by a battery which recharges while it's working.

    Available capacities

    The generator can power air conditions, refrigerators, TV sets, home audio systems, pressing iron, microwave oven, water pumping machine and other appliances that a normal generators can power.

    The generator can run for up to 24 hours daily and is advised to put it off for at least 30mins after 1week hours of usage so it can rest.

    The generator comes with 1 year warranty and can last for up to 25 to 30 years, the parts are available and it is easy to maintain.
    This generator is been assembled in Nigeria by a team of experts.

    You can call us on 07025243381for more information.