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Beware of Scammers!

Your protection is our main concern. Our moderators check each and every ad thoroughly and block suspicious offers and users immediately. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to detect fraudsters from our side, because lots of schemes are based on direct interaction between a seller and a buyer.

Protect yourself from scam and deception attempts by following basic safety rules:

  • Oh, I want this car and that phone! Swapix, sell it to me!

    Swapix is NOT a shop

    If a seller tells he's a Swapix representative and asks for a prepayment, pays for delivery or any other extra money, please, don't believe him. Swapix doesn't sell anything and doesn't deliver anything at all! Mind that Swapix is a FREE local classifieds site, which means that you DO NOT pay money for using it.

  • I'm sending money right away!

    Say NO to prepayments!

    It is important to be cautious of the sellers who insist on post delivery with a 100% prepayment. Mind that there is no guarantee that either the post office or a seller will refund your money. Find a seller who is ready for a face to face deal to give the item you need without any prepayments.

  • Wow, a new car that costs cheaper than my old scooter! I need it!

    Pay attention to the price

    Beware of too attractive offers If the price seems too low, be attentive, sometimes the price is a trick to attract as many users as possible. Perhaps you're dealing with a fake or a low-quality product, just be careful when you make a purchase.

  • Ok, look, it’s my credit card number, and CVV code, and a pin… And all my savings are in my house, here’s the address...

    Don't disclose any personal data

    If somebody tries to persuade you to share your personal information (passport, bank card and account numbers, etc.) it is the first sign that you deal with a dishonest buyer or seller

  • Mmm! Looks soooooo good!

    Check the item carefully

    Check the photos, all photos must be real and made by the seller. Сheck the description and price.

What to do if you have become a victim of scam?

Please, remember that Swapix is not an online shop but a classifieds. We DO NOT provide delivery, DO NOT take prepayments, DO NOT have the office and employees who can offer either items or services!

Report the ad

There’s a “Report” button in every ad. Click it, if you are sure that the seller is a scammer and choose the reason for reporting the ad. The measures will be taken asap.

Get in touch with us

If you became a scammer's victim, please, share his email or phone number with us at and we will ban the scammer.

If you still have questions or concerns about sophisticated scammers’ schemes, you can learn more about safe selling and buying using Swapix here. Take a moment to read the following tips which will help you stay safe when dealing with strangers.